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About Us

Welcome to Kids Prize Pack

So what in the world is Kids Prize Pack?

The generic and simplified answer is that Kids Prize Pack is a monthly subscription box for kids. But, there is nothing generic or simple about Kids Prize Pack!

Our company was founded on the idea that all children should not only be able to read but should also look forward to it. Studies have shown that the majority of kids who claim to hate reading say it is because they can’t find anything that interests them. Well, we finally have the answer!

Each month we choose a New Theme and find the Best Books, Toys, Games, and Activities we can based on that theme. We carefully sort through these items and load the perfect ones into our Kids Prize Packs. Our belief is that when the kids fall in love with the toys and games, they will want to read the included book(s) on the same subject. This means that the kids are now reading because they want to, not have to. the more they read, the more they will want to and the better they will get at it! As a Parent you can be proud that not only did you treat your kids to some Amazing Gifts but you are also helping them foster a Love for Reading! 

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Our Motto here at Kids Prize Pack is “Fun through Literacy and Imagination”. We believe that the best way to get kids to read is by enticing them, not forcing them. It is this idea that helped us become the company we are today. 

Thomas Enyart - Founding Member